The exhibition features a series of images of garments that the duo have given up during the quarantine period, despite the fact that they were beloved. Images were flagged and removed as inappropriate by craigslist maintenance. The works combine gastronomy, documentation, notes, home-made wine making, the seeds with which wine can be laced, a critical examination of commerciality, and the special spaces and situations recorded within them. A video on the bar’s ceiling mounted TV reveals poetic glimpses in the shape of words pertaining to the year-long process of producing the artwork.

at BAR NO 9 @cafebarno9 #ysibaari

Artists (of BEBETTON art initiative):
Eeva Rönkä @eeva_ronka #eevarönkä
Jani Anders Purhonen @andersano #janianderspurhonen

Emma Suominen @emmasuominenphotography
Anna Jensen @annacarolinajensen
Photography: Saku Soukka @sakusoukka